The Perfect Diet Plans for a Chickenpox Patient

Chickenpox is one of the most common problems, which both the kids as well as the adults face as a result of the varicella virus. This viral infection is responsible for developing itchy blisters all over the body of an individual, and sometimes the rashes may also pop-up in the mouth.

Though chickenpox can be healed in ten to fifteen days, in most of the cases it has been observed that a lot of time is taken to get rid of the rashes completely, because of the improper diet that is given to the patients.

Listed below is a proper diet that should be followed to get rid of the varicella virus quickly.

Increasing the water intake

When a person is suffering from chickenpox, his body will be dehydrated and fatigued. Therefore, it is essential to drink a lot of water. The patient can also drink fruit juices to cool the body down. Ensure that the glass or bottle that is being used by the patient is not used by any other member of the family, or they will be infected with the varicella virus as well.

The brat diet

This is one of the best diets for the chickenpox patients as it includes banana, apple, toast, and rice. Banana has a number of vital nutrients, which is responsible for bringing back the taste in the mouth and gets rid of all the bitterness. Rice is responsible for cooling the body and can be digested without any problem. You can also give a plain toast to the patient without applying any butter or jam for easy digestion.

Consuming a lot of fruits

It is important to give as many fruits as you can for the fast recovery of the patient. Going for soft fruits like bananas, melons, grapes, or apples is the best option. These fruits should be given to the patient in the form of juices or milkshakes so that it can be digested without any difficulty.

Coconut water

Coconut water is filled with a number of essential vitamins as well as minerals and it should be given to the patient every morning. Coconut water helps in keeping the body cool and plays an important role in boosting the strength of the body. Coconut water helps in keeping the acidity at bay.

Boiled vegetables

Giving a diet that is full of boiled vegetables like carrots, sweet potatoes, cabbages, or beans helps the patient to regain the lost strength of the body. Furthermore, the doctors require the patients to go through the ELISA test to understand whether the varicella virus has left the body or not. You can visit to gain a clear understanding of the test.


Curd helps in healing all the skin rashes and gets rid of the scars easily. Curd also contains probiotics, and calcium, which helps in keeping the body strong.


Giving a proper diet to the patient will ensure that he recovers soon enough and regains the strength that he has lost. Consider the diet tips that are mentioned above to help the patients get well soon.

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