How To ‘Cheat’ NFL’s International Game Pass With A VPN

The NFL is known worldwide for having the strictest blackout policies of any league sport. Up until recently, it was possible to avoid the restrictions by using an International Game Pass instead of the Domestic Game Pass. However, a recent update in the NFL blackout policies made it so that there will henceforth be content restrictions in the UK and the Republic of Ireland. Thanks to the EU Portability regulations, locals from the UK and Republic of Ireland can use their game pass while in any other EU member state. While this would have been great on any other day, it spells trouble currently because of the new policies imposed on UK and Republic of Ireland residents. So how can people from these countries avoid the blackouts? PracticalRadiology covers many useful articles related to technology.


Use a VPN

As most Americans know, the best way to circumvent the geo-restrictions that enable the NFL to block content in specific regions is by using a VPN. As one of the best-known cybersecurity tools, a VPN is designed to guarantee network security. The VPN encrypts your data, assigns a different IP address to your device and passes it through an encrypted network tunnel. This enables you to access content from a different region than your physical location. In the same way, you can use a VPN to get the International Game Pass in the UK and the Republic of Ireland. For that, you should follow the steps indicated in this article.


Step 1: Find a different location

While the UK, US and The Republic of Ireland have blackout impositions, certain locations that offer the International Game Pass without the restrictions. The first thing you ought to do if you are from either the UK, US or Republic of Ireland, is to identify the other locations. Keep in mind that each location offers different benefits. For starters, the pricing is different based on the regions. While it may be appealing to acquire the cheapest Game Pass, you should also know that the connectivity is affected based on region. Some regions don’t offer stable and fast internet connectivity, which means that the speed and quality of your NFL streaming experience are affected. The best option is to choose a location that offers a good balance between pricing and connectivity. The table shows a list of the location and their benefits:

Location(s) Price Blackouts Game Pass Features Our opinion
USA (Domestic Game Pass) $99.00 ●       Access to live pre-season game streaming.

●       Access to NFL Films Archive.

●       Access to game replays.


Bad value for money due to the high content restrictions
UK and Republic of Ireland $179.99 ●       Access to On-demand or live NFL games.

●       24/7 live access to NFL network including NFL RedZone.

●       Access to NFL Films Archive.


Poor value for money due to the content restrictions.
India, Malaysia, Pakistan, Egypt, and Indonesia. $124.99 ●       Access to On-demand or live NFL games.

●       24/7 live access to NFL network including NFL RedZone.

●       Access to NFL Films Archive.


Most affordable international game pass. However, it is subject to poor connectivity.
Australia, South Africa, Philippines, and Mexico $199.99 ●       Access to On-demand or live NFL games.

●       24/7 live access to NFL network including NFL RedZone.

●       Access to NFL Films Archive.


Reliable network connection and speeds and best value for money.
Japan and Hong Kong $239.99 ●       Access to On-demand or live NFL games.

●       24/7 live access to NFL network including NFL RedZone.

●       Access to NFL Films Archive.


Most expensive international game pass. However, the network is high-speed and reliable.


Step 2: Select a VPN

As mentioned, a VPN is a necessity when it comes to bypassing geo-restrictions. Nevertheless, just choosing the first VPN that you come across won’t do. You need a quality VPN that offers a great deal of convenience and security. When choosing a VPN, look for free VPN trials online to see which service best fits your needs.

Considerations when choosing a VPN for streaming NFL content

  • Locations

The ideal VPN should offer access to multiple server locations. At the very least, the VPN you choose should provide access to the places in the table. Otherwise, you won’t get access to an NFL International Game Pass.

  • Security

Regardless of the situation, a VPN should offer significant protection, both technologically and legally. The data encryption should be high-end and up-to-date, the VPN shouldn’t store activity or connectivity logs, and it should have a strong legal base, enough to withstand legal pressure from anywhere.

  • Speed

We are speaking about streaming here, so speed is a definite necessity. You should note that some VPNs tend to be slower because of the encryption features. However, the best VPN should offer fast connectivity in spite of the security.


Step 3: Connect to the select server location

After choosing your ideal VPN, you should connect to one of the places in the table. Of course, you should avoid regions with blackout restrictions, connectivity issues and outside your price range.


Step 4: Buy your Game Pass

After connecting to the selected server location, buy your Game Pass from here. All that’s left after that is to enjoy the content.


The Bottomline

The best way to outsmart the NFL and acquire a Game Pass that’s free from restriction is through the use of a VPN. Of course, with content restrictions affecting International Game Passes as well, it is time to think outside the box and consider where and how to get an unrestricted Game Passes affordably. Although the Game Pass is the best paid option for streaming NFL content, you should also look into how to stream NFL content for free.

Updated: December 13, 2018 — 9:55 am

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