Best Social Media Platforms For Marketing Strategies In 2018

Some of the most promising social media platforms for businesses these days are Instagram and Facebook. These platforms have become essential tools in the present marketer’s toolbox. More consumers are currently dealing with these channels to find new names and engage with favorite brands.

However, most of the companies cannot be everywhere at once, mainly with small businesses and their tight marketing budgets. Therefore, it is quite vital for businesses to be rather strategic with social media platform, which they work for building presence.

Key to know:

The main way to successfully start with your social media marketing is by selecting the best media platform for businesses. It is solely based on so many factors, which include business types you have, audience you are planning to reach out to, specified goals and so much more. There is a simple guide available of the best social media platforms for your business to flourish.

  1. Facebook

One of the best social media platforms for your business growth has to be Facebook. With around 2 million active users monthly, this is the largest social media channel globally with diversified audiences. Now, in terms of age, users of all genre and ages can create their account on FB. The largest demographic belongs to those aging between 25 and 34 years.

If you are marketing your business towards teens within the age group of 13 – 17, you will find less audience of that age group spending time on Facebook. On the other hand, if you are focusing towards an adult age group of 18 years and above, Facebook is always the worthwhile investment.

There is an even balance in terms of genders. Around 76% of female and 66% of male in the USA is on FB. So, whether you are targeting male and female genders or anyone in particular, you can do that easily. You can always find an audience on social media platforms.

  1. Instagram:

Owned primarily by Facebook, Instagram is another popular form of social media channel, which promises larger Instagram followers on a monthly scale, once you opened a business over here. You will be pleasantly surprised to know that Instagram has a shocking number of over 700 million active users. They log over here to enjoy video and photo posts from family, friends and even some brands. Around 50% of users will follow Instagram for brands.

It has a unique form of socialized platform, which comes with powerful business benefits. One best benefit is that it helps in telling you more about brand story with engaging and unique visual content. Unlike any other socialized platforms, Instagram will mainly focus on visuals; video and images both.Your working industry is not going to matter that much as you can use Instagram for showcasing products and tell story in visually appealing manner.

Another interesting feature in Instagram of 2018 happens to be Instagram stories. With these stories, you can actually take live videos and share with followers. This feature helps in providing some extra footages of your business and shares some of the vital updates and news with followers. Instagram also helps in messaging directly to users like FB. It is perfect for customer service.

  1. Twitter:

With average users of nearly 328 million worldwide, Twitter can yet be specified as another one of best social media platforms, designed for 2018 and only for social media marketing based strategy. Twitter happens to be one of the top 10 websites in the whole of the USA and comes handy with latest trends and news on various topics. So, this channel is an excellent medium for haring brand updates and also being major part of online conversation surrounding industry.

There are some valuable Twitter features available to help qualify as one best social media platform for businesses. Brands can use this platform for reaching out to audience and engage with them. You can further use Hash Tags over here to follow and participate in conversations about some trending topics in your selected industry.

You can even use hash tags for reaching out to new audiences, interested in your said content. Brand will easily take advantage of this topic, designed to expand your reach. Twitter is further proud to introduce advertising opportunities for companies, planning to deliver digitalized ads to target customers on this social media channel. There are so many ad formats available, depending on unique advertising goals.

  1. LinkedIn:

Mostly under Microsoft in 2016, LinkedIn is suitable for the professionals. Brands and some of the major organizations use this platform for posting various job openings and to talk about company based updates. They even use this platform for adding other types of content assets like case studies and whitepapers. It is a perfect platform for job recruiting as recruiters can check out on users opening new job opportunities while having available overview of the entire job experience.

The audiences on LinkedIn are all professionals and business minded. They are mainly open to the networking opportunities and also hearing about ways for improving their work and making jobs easier. It offers magnificent platform for B2B brands, willing to connect with some business decision makers across industries.

Another interesting feature of LinkedIn has to be digital advertising opportunities. It is true to state that digital ads on LinkedIn are way expensive than FB ads. However, these ads will help B2B brands to reach individuals from specified industries they are planning to target. LinkedIn is also your proven platform to deliver major ad contents to those with job roles involving in making some purchasing decisions, relating to B2B offerings of the company.

So many other options available too:

The above-mentioned 4 options are the most famous ones around here but that’s not the end of it. The market also houses YouTube, Pinterest and more, which are some of the famous social media channels for business growth. Moreover, YouTube has the power to help you earn in hundreds of dollars easily. So, without wasting time, get along with the right social media channel to help grow your business.

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