10 Best shower curtain liner reviews 2017 – mildew resistant liner

Best shower cutain liner

When it comes to interior decor, most homeowners tend to focus mostly on the living room, kitchen, and bedrooms, while completely neglecting the bathroom.

Perhaps it’s because this is the one room in which they spend the least amount of time. Contrary to popular belief, the bathroom has lots of potentials when it comes to accessorizing. One particularly vital bathroom necessity is a shower curtain liner. Shower curtain liners serve the purpose of keeping water off the shower curtain and the bathroom floor, whenever one is taking a bath. They can be used alone, in which case the bathroom curtain is completely taken down, or they can be used together with the curtain. This article intends to guide homeowners who would like to invest in high-quality shower curtain liners by providing a comprehensive review of Amazon’s top 10 best shower curtain liners on the market today.

10 Best Shower Curtain Liner Reviews:

10. The Mildew-Free PEVA 3 Gauge Shower Curtain Liner

This Inter-design curtain liner was first made available on 8th January 2013. It is available in seven different colors; clear, white, lavender, navy, sand, smoke and frost. It also comes in various sizes; 54 inches by 78 inches, 72 inches by 72 inches and 72 inches by 84 inches, depending on the proportions of your shower stall or bath tub.


One of the greatest advantages of the Mildew-Free PEVA shower curtain liner is that the fabric is made of PEVA vinyl materials, which contain zero percent chlorine, thereby making it environmentally friendly. The fabric is also very soft to the touch.

The liners also come in multiple shades, as earlier stated, making them very attractive. They can thus be coordinated with differently colored bathrooms. This makes them ideal for use in different settings, for instance, at home, in school dormitories, camping sites, and many others.

As suggested in the name, Mildew-Free PEVA liners are mold and mildew resistant. This makes them always look clean and attractive. It also makes them ideal for homeowners who suffer allergies and health problems like asthma. They are also waterproof, and unlike vinyl curtain liners, they are scentless.


Mildew-free PEVA shower liners are only available in one piece, unlike other shower curtain liners that come in packs of two. This means that when taken down for cleaning, there will not be a replacement for the liner until it completely dries up.

9. The InterDesign 84-Inch Fabric Waterproof Shower Curtain Liner

Also an Interdesign product, this shower curtain liner was first availed on 1st June 2009. The most interesting thing about this particular brand of curtain liners is that unlike most other liners, it is available in solid colors only. These are charcoal, chocolate, dark taupe, navy, gray and white.


This brand of liners is made of polyester, a water-repellent fabric that is incredibly soft to the touch. Polyester, unlike other fabrics, can be machine washed, making it that much easier to keep your shower curtain liner clean and attractive.

Due to the beautiful colors, it comes in; this liner gives users an option to use it either as a stand-alone shower curtain (in which case you won’t need your regular shower curtain) or in combination with your shower curtain.

It is technologically enhanced to repel mold and mildew stains, thereby giving it a fresh and clean look all day long. It is also available in different sizes, which allow it to be fitted in the shower stall and bath tubs of varying dimensions.


As earlier stated, this specific brand of shower curtain liners comes solely in solid colors. Most people prefer clear curtain liners, and this fact is a deal breaker for them. Also, it comes singly, unlike other that come in 2-packs.

8. LiBa Mildew Resistant Anti-Bacterial PEVA 8G Shower Curtain Liner

This shower curtain liner is a brand from LIBA manufacturers. It is available in white and frosted colors. It has a twelve months warranty, meaning that it can be returned at any point within the first six months of purchase, in case it rips or tears or in any way becomes dysfunctional.


The first significant advantage of this Liba curtain liner is that it is non-toxic. This is because it is made of eco-friendly PEVA materials. This makes it safe for use at home, as it is completely unreactive with water or air.

It is enhanced to keep off mold and mildew stains. On top of that, it is treated, making it one hundred percent anti-bacterial. This way, you and your loved ones are protected from illness causing bacteria, any time you come in contact with the shower curtain liner.

The grommets and magnet that come with the liner are made of rust-proof material. This is especially important, seeing as the liner does frequently come into contact with water.

The Mildew-resistant Anti-Bacterial PEVA shower curtain is also very durable. It is resistant to tear and wear, and if properly handled, it can be used for a very long time. This is unlike other shower curtain liners that are made of flimsy plastic material that is prone to ripping


Unfortunately, this brand of shower curtain liners is only available in the standard 72 inches by 72 inches size. This limits its use in differently sized shower stalls. Some people also feel that it is not available in very exciting colors

7. M-Design PEVA 3G Shower Curtain Liners

A product of MetroDecor manufacturers, the M-Design PEVA 3G shower curtain liner was first made available to the public, for sale, on 10th August 2015. These liners are unique because they come in packs of two. This does not necessarily make them too expensive to afford. They are available in shades of frost, navy, smoke, sand, bright and white.


As indicated in the brand name, these curtain liners are made of PEVA vinyl materials, which are chlorine free, making it environmentally friendly.

Most people find scented fabrics irritating. The M-Design PEVA 3G shower curtain liner’s manufacturers have taken this into consideration, making the liners scent-free. It is also mold and mildew resistant, providing a clean and fresh appearance all year round.

The lower hem is reinforced with tiny magnets that aid in holding the shower curtain in place, and prevents too much movement, even when a window is left open.

The majority of homeowners prefer this type of shower curtain liners because it comes in packs of two, and at an affordable price. This implies that users don’t have to shop for another liner to use in place of this one, in case it is taken down for washing.


This type of liners comes in the standard size alone, making it a bad fit for differently sized bathroom stalls.

6. Caitlin White Clear PEVA Shower Curtain Liner

The Caitlin White Clear PEVA shower curtain liner was first made available on 30th September 2016. It was specifically designed to clear permit light into the shower stall while one is taking a bath


It is made of one hundred percent PEVA vinyl, which is an eco-friendly material. This shower curtain is also resistant to mold and mildew stains, which are known to make fabrics old and dirty.

To clean this curtain liner, one need only use a damp piece of clothing to clear away excess water. It is thus extremely easy to keep it clean.

Most people have been known to use this brand of shower curtain liners alone, that is, without necessarily using it alongside a shower curtain. This is because it is thick enough to stand on its own.


The fact that it is only available in one size is a major deal breaker for many customers. It is also only available in bright color, leading most people to believe that it is not very attractive.

5. Maytex No More Mildew 10 Gauge Shower Curtain Liner

This Maytex manufacturers’ product was first introduced into the market in 2009. It is available in 2-packs and comes in the colors of beige, bright, frosty and white.


It is made of one hundred percent vinyl, a material that is best known for being heavy, thus reducing chances of unnecessary movements occurring. Vinyl is also thick and waterproof, making it less prone to absorbing bath water.

It is anti-bacterial, mold and mildew resistant, and also Phthalate free. This is a quality that draws most people to this type of curtain liner.

The metal grommets that come with the shower curtain liner are made of materials that are less prone to rusting.


As earlier stated, this type of curtain liners is made entirely of vinyl. Polyvinyl chloride products contain an estimated one hundred poisonous chemicals which emit harmful gasses when exposed to the atmosphere.

4. Premium Mildew Resistant Shower Curtain Liners

This particular brand of shower curtain liners is from Utopia Bedding manufacturers. It was first availed for purchase on 3rd April 2015. It is only available in one color, clear.


The fabric of these liners is infused with anti-mildew and antibacterial technology. This keeps away dull mold and mildew stains, as well as harmful disease causing bacteria.

Cleaning of this liner relatively easy, as it can be done using a dampened piece of clothing. Machine washing is also an option for this particular brand.

The fabric used to make Premium Mildew Resistant Shower Curtain Liner is waterproof. This implies that your curtain is kept one hundred percent dry, whenever the bathroom is in use. It also allows for the use of self-grommets, ensuring that the owner feels comfortable selecting whichever grommets they desire.


The only size available for these liners is the standard 72 inches by 72 inches size.

3. Amazon Basics Ultra-Heavyweight 20 Gauge PVC Shower Curtain Liner

First unveiled in 2016, the Ultra-Heavyweight 20 Gauge PVC shower curtain liners are a product of Amazon Basics. There are only clear liners available as of now.


They are made of vinyl, a thick material that prevents billowing, and ensures that the curtain is always held in the right position. The fabric is also waterproof, keeping your curtain ever dry.

This brand of curtain liners comes with curtain hooks, unlike almost all other types. These ensure that the shower curtain is always held in an upright position.

The fabric is also mold and mildew resistant. In addition to this, it is resistant to scum and soap stains. It is therefore always clean and fresh-looking.


As earlier indicated, vinyl is not the most eco-friendly material out there.

2. Croscill Fabric Shower Curtain Liner

It was first made by Croscill manufacturers in 2005. Available in the color white, and standard 72 inches by 72 inches size


Croscill Fabric Shower Curtain Liner is made entirely of polyester. Polyester is mainly known for its ability to dry quickly. These curtain liners, therefore, dry fast between showers. Polyester is also water repellent, allowing water to drip along the sides of the curtain liner.

It is also easy to clean, with the option of machine washing made available. The lower hem of the curtain liner is fitted with weighted plastic materials, making the liner heavier, thus preventing billowing and maintaining stability.

It is mold and mildew resistant and can be used as a stand-alone curtain, or in combination with a shower curtain.


The grommets that come with this brand of liners is known to be prone to rust.

1. Epica’s Vinyl Shower Curtain Liner

At the top of our list of top 10 shower curtain liners is Epica’s Vinyl Shower Curtain Liners. It comes with a fifteen-month warranty. First availed on 18th June 2013, this brand of liners is believed to be the best there is in the market for reasons discussed below.


Unlike most shower curtains that are made of a flimsy plastic material, they are made of durable, heavy-weight vinyl material. This makes them durable and resistant to tear caused by curtain rings, thus ensuring durability.

The fabric of these liners is enhanced to make them look incredibly attractive, even on their own. They give your bathroom that desired modern look.

The grommets are made out of rust free materials. The liners are resistant to staining by mold and mildew. They have also been enhanced to include anti-bacterial properties.


Vinyl is scientifically proven to be environmentally unfriendly.


So there you go, folks. A comprehensive review of the best shower curtains currently available for sale on Amazon, complete with advantages and disadvantages they come with. It is not too late to stop overlooking your bathroom and start investing in quality accessories. Start by visiting Amazon.com and buying yourself a quality shower curtain liner, for all your bathroom or hot tub needs. The best part of the entire process is that you get the opportunity to select a shower curtain liner that best suits your bathroom, from color to material and price. I hope that this article comes in handy as a guide for those of you looking to invest in quality shower curtain liners. Your feedback will be highly appreciated. Best of luck!