10 Best bathroom rugs and mats 2017 – Nonslip bath mat reviews

A Guide for 10 Best Bath Rugs & mats reviews

Choosing the Best bath rug is not an easy task as you may think. You should have to an idea on many things before you anything online. We’ve done a sharp research for you to consider in buying this sensitive product which is very essential in your daily life. I assure you that, by the end of this article, you can make up your mind on which product to be bought with the best and high quality available.

The hygienic condition for any bathroom related product is very important. One must be completely aware of its quality and durability. The little negligence can cause you a severe health degradation in the body as the bath rug is in contact with your feet directly which is very sensitive.

Please have a closer look at each product what it has to offer you, which are available online market place that gives you an extra edge on comparing top 10 available products in a single instance.

The following products are arranged as per their ranking, 10 is the lowest preferred and 1 as the highly preferred. Please go through the list and find the best product that suits to your needs.

10. Lavish Home 3-Piece Super Plush Non-Slip Bath Mat

This product comes in three different shaped bath mats. Unlike other brands, Lavish homes offers you Contour Mat, Toilet Lid Cover and a regular bath mat. The mat can easily fit into any bathroom size and shape.


The product gives a special look for your bathroom as it comes with the toilet cover as well. The bottom is non-skid material and the edges tow down to the surface neatly with no air gaps between the surface and the mat.


The mats are quite small and the bigger bathrooms looks empty and awkward with it size. The rug is too thin than expected.

9. SALBAKOS Luxury Hotel & Spa Turkish Cotton Banded Panel Bath Mat

The product is quite soft and is durable with time. The rug is extra soft as it is made from Turkish cotton which gives you a luxury feeling while in use. The mat comprises of medium-weight which is easy to carry after the wash.


Extra soft and extra smooth due to the presence of Turkish cotton in the rug. The product os directly imported from turkey which gives you s special luxurious fell whenever you step on it.


The mat is too thin to be called as a rug. The rug does not guarantee you about the anti-skid aspect is it not mentioned in the product description.


8. Norcho Non slip Absorption Shower Rug

The shower rug has a rubber base which grips the surface quite powerfully to prevent skidding and the mat is large & made of polyester and can be washed on the machine quite easily.


The thick rug serves as a multifunctional rug. The mat can be used in bathroom as shower rug and can be placed in the living room to sit on it. The rug is quite better at absorbing the dampness as it is little thicker.


The wool gets dropped after the wash which you feel little insecure about its quality.

7. Chardin Home – Classic Bath Rug

The Chardin Home Classic Bath Rug is a 2 piece set with variable colors. The bottom comes with a latex spray coating to prevent the skidding motion on damp & smooth surfaces. The mat comes with a classic design that gives you a feeling like you’re stepping in to the spa as soon as you keep your foot on it.


This product designed with 100% cotton and is extra absorbent for all kind of liquid spills. These rugs are easily washable in a machine and can be folded and kept in compact places.


The quality seems little less for the price and the design is very plain and un attractive. The latex spray degrades with every wash as the mat does not have a layer in the bottom.


6. LOCHAS Soft Shaggy Bath Mat

The LOCHAS Soft Shaggy Bath Mat is an ultra-modern soft and cushiony bath rug. The mat comes in larger and thicker size to make your feet feel very soft. The rug is very absorbent as the mat is extra thick which absorbs more water than its competing brand product. The rug is made with multiple piles of soft microfibers. The bath rug makes itself as a better option to choose as it has a thermoplastic rubber bottom for anti-slipping capability.


The mat is 100% non-slippery as it has a plastic bottom which serves as an anti-skidding layer for the rug. The mat is thick and absorbs more dampness. The maintenance is quite easy as the washing can be done is the machine.


The bath rug comes in only one color that is white which gives you a hard time removing the stains during the wash. The mat it heavy and comes only in one size and is not suitable for all the rooms in the house.


5. Utopia Towels – Cotton Washable Bath Mat

The Utopia towels’ Bath Mat comes in a pack of 2 in vibrant color choices. The mat is completely made of ring spinning cotton and is made of completely natural material without added any extra synthetics of polyester which make the mat completely organic. The mat can be washable in machine and is tumble dryable. The edges of the mat are double stitched for durability factor.


This product has a special feature which is not available with other brands. The mat is 100% organic and is completely safe with the kids. The rugs are extra absorbent and can be washed multiple times. The cushioning for your feet is optimal and the softness just pampers your legs while you walk on it. The base of the mat is also made of cotton as well.


The material is very thin. The cushion is no adjusted uniformly throughout the mat. The threading a quite loosely sewn. The ends are not flat towards the floor as it attracts dust under the mat which makes the rug slippery even on the dry surfaces. Comes in only one size which is not suitable for all the places in the house.

4. Cotton Craft Bath Mat

The Cotton Craft Bath Mat comes in a pack of 2. The mat is high absorbent of dampness and made in European style of luxury. The product is completely made of ring spinning cotton and the edges are sewn to prevent from disintegration. The mat can be easily washable in machine. The design comes with a classic border with a thin band.


The rug is 100% cotton and can be tumble dried. The maintenance is quite low when compared with other branded rugs. The price is quite astonishing as you get 2 mats for a mere $15. The drying capacity is quite easy and can dry quite quickly even in humid weather conditions.


The mat is very heavy than the usual rug. The rug decolorizes with the washes. The mats does not equip with anti-slippery coating or layer which make you little insecure about walking with confident on a wet floor.


3. InterDesign Spa Large Rug, Water

InterDesigns Microfiber Spa Bath Rugs offers very attractive colored rugs with a delicate high-low border design. The rug gives you a soft touch for your bare feet and makes you to feel afresh as soon as you step out of your bathtub. Made of microfiber and polyester.


Available is many attractive colors which gives you the option to go for it as, you can get a suitable color based on your floor shade. It is washable and available is three different sizes. The rug looks more attractive as it gives you latest trendy designs. The price is quite less as well when compared with other brands of same quality range.


The rug is not durable and does not withstand to more washes. The shapes change down the period and the stability of the product is quite concerning. The stains on the rug are irremovable.

2. Chesapeake 2-Piece Pebbles Bath Rug Set

The Chesapeake 2-Piece Pebbles Bath Rug Set gives you a spa feel as soon as you step on it after the bath. The soft pebble division does make you feel like massage as you walk along. The bottom is lined with latex which stops the rug from slipping on a wet floor. The rug is available is 4 color combinations that gives you the option to choose based on your floor shade.


The rug gives you a special feel like as if you are in a spa as long as you keep your legs on the mat. The rug is a stain free material as the stains can be removed completely in a single machine wash. Looks luxurious at a very reasonable price. The mat does not slide even on a very wet surface. The different sizes allow you to use all over the house.


The rug gets harder with each machine wash. The mat cannot be dry cleaned or washed in warm water. Due to the thin layer of backing layer, the anti-skid coating disintegrates after few washes.

1. VDOMUS Non-slip Microfiber Shag Bathroom Rugs

This bath rug is a microfiber and an ultra-soft shower rug. The bath rug help give you protection from bathroom floor & cold floor as well. VDOMUS bath rug is a multi-purpose shag that can be used on almost all the places in the house like toilets, showers, bathrooms, floors, kitchen area to it dry and is pet friendly as well. This product is available in 4 color choices to choose from.


This product dries pretty quickly and keeps your feet soft. Equipped with anti-skidding lining on the bottom made of latex. The maintenance is quite easy as this rug can be washed in a machine and does not require special care which makes it as the best rug of these 10 products.


The underlining gets disintegrated if it is washed like a regular hard rug. The bad odor stays in the mat when it is wet, hence a cloth conditioner should be used in every wash.

Never make a choice on buying a bath rug based on its rating or its popularity. One has to be cautious in choosing these products wisely. The best option is to know the better before buying it online.

Just because, the look of the product and little fancy in appearance doesn’t make the product great. The best brand at times might offer the worst products and the lesser known brands might give you a better product. The main aspects to look into the bath rugs are, how hygienic are they. The drying capacity may vary from product to product but the quality of the cleanliness must be at an optimum level. Many baths tend to be drying soon but when placed on watery surface, it might slip while walking. The next aspect to be taken care of is its softness and odor once its dried. The washable factor should also be considered as the maintenance of the products counts.

Now, you have the 10 best bath rugs available online that suits to your needs and budget. Each bath rug has its individual pro and con that you might need to consider before buying and it’s up to you to decide the right product that fits to your needs. You have all the information that directs you to get the best bath for your bathroom.