Asian Cup football: Indian team out!

The Indian team has been eliminated from the Asian Cup Football, which failed to score 0-1 in the Asian Cup football tournament .

The 17th Asian Cup football tournament for boys in the United Arab Emirates is being held. The Indian team is in the A-section. On Monday, the Indian team rallied in the third league match against Bhakrain.

In the first half of the match, the two teams had a chance to score goals. But the two teams did not bowl at the end of the half-game because the two sides were in the middle.

In the second half, both teams lost all the opportunities. Finally, time was given. At the 91st minute, Jamal Rahit scored a batsman for the Bhakrain team. Bhakrain won the 0-1 goal because the Indian team failed to score a goal in less time.

The Indian team have been pushed to the 4th spot in the A, and both are out of the series because both of them have won only three matches. Thailand and United Arab Emirates advance to the next round.

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