9 Ways Smartphone have Changed Business Forever

Smartphones are making a huge impact on each aspect of our lives. Also, it is rapidly changing the way millions of people are doing business around the world.

A mobile phone now has the potential to augment nearly every aspect of our lives whether personal or professional. These small-sized devices are powerful enough to manage a whole business.

Whether you want to reserve your flight and accommodation; connect with your colleagues or clients across the globe; order products; manage invoices and finances; share files and pool resources with colleagues; engage with customers on social platforms and so on, everything is possible with a single, condensed, handheld device—we call “smartphone”. You can even pay bills through your smartphone, and thus you do not need to keep your wallet with you wherever you go!

In this regard, different innovations are leading us to the new levels of connectivity, productivity, and discovery every day.  Here, we are sharing the nine ways smartphones have changed the landscape of business.

  1. Streamlined Communication

One of the many things that mobile phones have done so right since its creation that we have been able to send and receive instant call across the globe. Moreover, the smartphones have added up a layer of efficiency by making business communications more polished than ever. With the intervention of a software development company in UAE, communication has expanded from voice calls to many other mediums like text messages, emails, cloud services, and more. Now, smartphones are involved so much that communication with any anyone across the globe is possible with just some taps.

  1. More Possibilities in More Places

The emergence of smartphones has made us do many things in many places. Gone are the days when you needed to be tethered to a desktop computer for simply checking your emails. Now, the smartphones have made the job much easier. Not only that you can check your email, but also shop, read the news, check important information, and do much more on the go.

  1. Personal Organization Made Simple

A few years back, it was simply a huge chore to manage your extensive collection of important documents and business files. Also, keeping track of correspondences was difficult too. But smartphones have made one’s life much effortless by neatly organizing and arranging everything. Whenever you have to search for a particular email or obscure a memo from few past months, smartphones make retrieving personal information easy. In addition, smartphones as personal reminders as well. The users can simply set up reminders about their upcoming meetings, bill payments, and even deadlines.

  1. Facilitated Networking

In today’s fast-paced world, building and maintaining good business relationships is a key element. Especially, the advent of social media platforms like Facebook, and LinkedIn works as an icing on the cake in this matter. Smartphones provide every user the access to these platforms so they can outboard their social circles.  When they have access to the information of acquaintances and clients on the go, it makes a huge difference in the daily interactions of business.

  1. On-Demand Stress Relief

No matter what, there are times when everyone feels stressed due to the rigors and pressures of business. Now, you have access to high-quality games on your phones directly. After a stressful meeting or dealing with a grouchy client, a round of play is what may help you get rid of all the strain. Eventually, we are able to keep the spirits up throughout the day.

  1. More Accessible Technology

Not so long ago, smartphones were not as commonly available to the people. Back then, the business person used a device called PDA a.k.a personal digital assistant for carrying out crucial tasks while on the move. Although PDAs were expensive and not everybody could afford them, they were turned out as a possession of the upper class in the business industry. And then, as the time passed, businesses and companies started jumping on the bandwagon of using smartphones. This was the point where the comparatively economical mobile technology stepped into our lives and became a necessity for all business classes.

  1. Last minute research

Professional salespersons—at the time of an important client meeting— arrive early and while they are sitting in their car or at the lobby desperately waiting for their client to show up, they can use their mobile phone and catch some last minute details that can influence their prospect and make the presentation easier for them.

  1. Big data

Technology is bleeding out data, and businesses have lots and lots of it. Many customer relationship management software a.k.a CRM empowers the sales team to connect with present customers and important leads from their smartphones and extract important information about the prospects and customers. CRMs make it easier to retrieve the order history of a customer, keeping the employee fortified with essential information. A Software Development Company play a vital role in design, installation, testing and maintenance of software systems.

  1. Contacts At Fingertips

Effective communication is what drives a business today! Smartphones have been serving as an exceptional platform, helping companies to access an entire address book 24/7, even on the go. Therefore, if you need to call your former co-worker on the spur of the moment to provide the details of a new prospect, or want a last-minute hotel booking for an unanticipated overnight business stay, everything can be managed—thanks to the smartphones. You can also get access to different networking tools like LinkedIn for searching new contacts without further delay.


Before smartphones, businesses felt helpless, when their employees were on their vacations or out sick. Customers would most of the times were waiting furiously as businesses dreadfully attempted to work things out on behalf of the absent employees. Now you can easily get connected to your employees while they are chilling out on the beach and keep your clients happy without putting much effort.

Whether it is the way we conduct business, interact with the people around us, or keep a track of ever-changing social landscape; smartphones have revolutionized everything.

Updated: November 29, 2018 — 5:44 am

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