Bairavaa (Bhairava) review, ratings & Box office collection – 1st day & 2nd day

“Bairavaa Dharsan Begin”

All Over Vijay fans are waiting for Bhairava with lots of excitement and expectations. Without wasting your time, Here is the one-line review of “Bairavaa” is “Good Try, One time watchable and could still have been better”. Let us discuss the Bairavaa review in details.

Bairava review

The film revolves the story around a daring debt collector who ends up fighting a hard-core educational field criminal. The film is fully loaded with lots of mass elements, Punch Dialogues and Power packed performance of Vijay.

After experienced some acting in his previous movies, Now Vijay comes up with full of mass action based movie for his hardcore fans. Hope the film satisfies all the Vijay fans. Vijay modulated his voice in some scenes and delivers his dialogue. That is the only minus I have ever seen in the film. Other than that, there are not any major negatives found in the film.

Bhairava Video Review by Prashanth:

Reasons to watch the film: (Bhairava review)

1. Vijay Performance: First of all Vijay taking care of the full movie. His each and every screen presence is like an opening scene of the film. Like that audience response and exciting. Ilayathalapathy known the art of delivering the dialogues. The dialogue scenes get lots of claps in the theater.

2. Keerthy Suresh Sizzling acting: Keerthy played as the character of Malarvizhi. Keerthy helped Vijay to fight against the politician. Keerthy’s set of cute expressions always makes us smile and she never disappoints anything in her acting.

3. Cinematography: Sukumar did an excellent job. His each and framework should be appreciated one. Low angle scenes worked out for mass scenes. He uses that technique and shows Vijay as more powerful in the screen.

4. BGM: Varalaam Varalaam Va BGM is simply awesome.

5. Bharathan Direction: He is the winner in the film. From the story till the dialogue everything is really awesome. Many of the persons thought Vijay choose a wrong director in his 60th film. But Bharathan is perfect in all the way. Hope this will be the best movie in his career.

6. Second Half: The Second half screenplay is really awesome. The climax also really awesome to see. If the film has good first half then, it would definitely a blockbuster. Because of the second half, the film gets a decent image and appeared as a super hit film in this Pongal 2017.


1. Satish Comedy: Satish is the rising comedy artist worked with Sivakarthikeyan initially. Now he joined with some other heroes and doing comedy scenes. Siva and Satish combo worked really well. But with other actors Satish missed entertaining the audience. Hero and comedian chemistry also speak a lot on the screen.

2. Editing: KL Praveen is an experienced editor and needs to improve a lot.

3. Songs: Some Songs failed to impress the audience.

Live audience response on Twitter:

Anirudh RavichanderVerified account [email protected]
Wishing @actorvijay sir, @BharathanHere @KeerthyOfficial , @actorsathish , @Music_Santhosh and the whole team of #Bairavaa a blockbuster 🎉🎈

Santhosh NarayananVerified account [email protected]_Santhosh
Very happy for the entire team of #Bairavaa for the smooth and grand release. Thank you for the tremendous support. #VarlaamVarlaamVaa

J Anbazhagan [email protected]
Gotta call from my frnd in Singapore, he says #Bairavaa is a perfect action entertainer wit power packed stunts & twists. Vijay rocked it 👌🏻

Skycinemas [email protected]
#Bairavaa sure shot paisa vasool ! Perfect pongal feast for all kinda audience. @Bharhathan_dir utlized well his second chance 👍🏻 Congrats

Ramesh BalaVerified account [email protected]
#Bairavaa 1st Half: #Ilayathalapathy Vijay and @actorsathish scenes r semma fun.. Cricket and Bus Stand fight sequences r Mass.. 👍

Ramesh BalaVerified account [email protected]
#Bairavaa 1st Half: Going good so far.. #Ilayathalapathy Vijay has Pattiyaa Kizhappi Irukkaar in Fight sequence and punch dialogues.. 👍

Prashanth Rangaswamy [email protected]
#Bairavaa interval – commercial . Vijay s scenes have worked so well ! ☺👍

sivakumar [email protected]
Started to get positive reviews for Bairavaa , another blockbuster on the way . Mass 👍💪💪💪

Sidhu [email protected]
#Bairavaa: Fine festive entertainment. Vijay zooms up the excitement in this everyday fare through his incessant charm. Likable mass movie.

Rating: 3.0 out of 5:

Bairava is a decent film and one time watchable. It should definitely impress the Vijay fans. For the general audience, it is one time watchable. Hope it would be a mass entertainer of the year.

Expected box office collection: 150 Crores*

Puriyatha Puthir was postponed and this is the huge advantage of Bhairava. Many of the theaters were released Bhairava and movie get a good response from the audience. So, Hope the film box office will be touch 150 Crores*. In this Pongal, only 2 films named Bhairava and Koditta Idangalai Nirappuga. Bairavaa definitely beats Koditta Idangalai Nirappuga. Up to Jan 26th, 2017, the film collection will be raised. Let us see in upcoming days.


  • 1st day box office collection: 14.5 Crores
  • 2nd day box office collection: 15.20 Crores*


Overall the film is one time watchable and great effort by Bharathan. This is not a treat for Pongal but entertainment film. You can watch with your family.

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  1. its all now look on our ilayathalapathy #bairavaa is astonishing. no chance at all #bairavaa was added to thalapathy’s block buster list. congrates once again the entire team.

  2. hi!
    Thanks bro for given the reviews for thalapathy movie [bairavaa] as soon the movie will definetly reach the traget of Rs. 150 Crores*.
    thanks you.

    1. 200 crores on bairavaa nice flim on vijay moviee

    1. poda thevidiyapaia

    2. better luck next time for your comment….

  3. ajjibe movie

  4. Movies is very very bad

  5. Marana mokka movie

    1. unaku yellam manasachi iruka da

  6. the bairavaa is braking tha theri record and Vijay so awesome

  7. Superstar vj rocks another mega blockbuster

    1. Birava vijay’ku (mega flop buster)
      150 crore kandipa varuma’nu theriyaadu … but collection panina vijay’s luck

    2. Definitely …. Awesome movie .. Thalaivar vera level la Mass yevanaliun reach aaga Dhill illa

  8. Superstar vijay rocks another mega blockbuster. Good- Bairavaaaaa

  9. Movie runs very slow,editing poor.This film below average.

      1. Yaar pa athu natrajan.vijay padatta Patti tappa pesuradu.Yaar nu terinja veedu poondu adipen pa.sollitten


      Serupu pinjurum do u know the movie shut ur mouth nd go

  10. Vijay bairavaa rocks 200crores

  11. Mokka film , theme good but director failed and also editing failed, songs not good. Totally money waste

    1. Bairavaa thalapathi padam semma mass

  12. Blockbuster bairava hit movie

  13. Movie is very sup……..

  14. Padam pathutu modala pesunga da……..More is really awesome……Blockbuster movie of the year…….

  15. Bhairavaa” an awesome movie to watch… Vj rock the screen… Lokkin stunning in the flim… Illayathalapathy’s best start of thiz year… Bhairava rocks….

  16. very bore waste of money

  17. blockbuster hit movie

  18. semma mokkka

  19. bairavaa is the best movie.

  20. You watch movie in good movie in 2017.i hope its successfull target box office 1.5 crore above.

  21. Super…..padam semma….maranama irukku

  22. therikavidalamaaa

  23. marana mokkkaaa

  24. Awesome movie, Vijay always rocks keep rocking
    Love you Vijay… Very happy to Review my Boss movie.

    1. Mokka movie..boss movie ah??avanga veetu velakariya nee

      1. Ava velakara na … appo nee avanga veetu Toilet clean panna kooda Laayaki illa da Luss __dhi …

        Thalapathy Vera level .. blockbuster hit film in All over All film industry …

        love you Thalaiva

    2. thnk u frnd vj always mass its also awesome movie

  25. Awesome movie…. full entertainment….with pakka story and climax…… another diamond in vijay’s crown…..

  26. Super vijayna mass top always bhairava is super hit movie. Dont miss it watch it with your family

  27. Bairavaa good movie and mass entertainer

  28. it will break tamil movies records

  29. kevala,ma iruku

    1. Yedhu …

      un Comments tha da …

      Padam Marana Mass da .. Yevanalaiun Can’t reachable Vijay Anna

  30. 1st Half super 2nd Half boaring

    1. 1st half super’2nd half superb…thala vijay rocks😎😎😎😎

  31. 1st Half super 2nd Half boaring

  32. Nice & semma maaaaaasssssss

  33. superrrrrrr

  34. Bairavaa film mass film

  35. Very spr excellent film spr vijay annaaaa…….

  36. Mass Theri film theme Sema mass

  37. Bairava Mokka film of the year..very boring can’t able to see tat Vijay face with that vig OMG!!..Mokka songs total money waste..

    1. Padam patthiya vijay expertion than athula mass SA enna da pesuriya onakalam rasana Na enna mu tariyum ma

  38. The movie might even be good. But the review sucks and Vijayna’s fans’ English is atrocious.

  39. vijay yevenda nadika varasonnathu

    1. First leave your own nane

    2. Onga appa punda muditu poo daaaaa nee yaru daa ajith fan Na athan epadi pesura epo Peru ajith fan ku vijay ooturatha vellaiya poochi ongaluku vellaiya ilaya daa flop ana padam tha ootu Na paravala hit ana padatha yan daa epadi pesuriya enna pooramaiya daa punda

    3. Your father da badu

  40. movie too commercial and also one time watchable ….

  41. Good movie

    1. Poyi druvankal16 pakada top filim, bhairava is very very bad filum

      1. Dai badu.. sutha mudu

  42. ThÄläbÂth¥ bhairava mass film unamaya nangadha (therikka vitttom) 🙂

  43. Superb film…Ilayathalapathy VIJAY is rocking…..

    1. Yes.first half pakka bad.second half very very
      bad. Noncence.very boaring.bad and one time watchable movie.vijay want to learn acting.look mass surya is acting in SINGHUM 3

      1. Nice Movie, Commercial Entertainer for this Pongal and you can watch this movie with entire family.First half good second half average.

      2. alwin thenda naaye bairavaa is very good. bairavaa is one of the vijays best flim

      3. Ohh neega Suriya fan Na dai ava phone la pesura dialogue lam kettiya daa s3 oda dialogue punda Mari pesi iruka vijay oda surya valam saka kuda kudathu daa

  44. Hello guys film pakkama,venama please share your advice ,can you share your rating out of 5

  45. Really its marana hit but slow background next time do it well thalapathy

  46. second half semma mokka

  47. vijay ennathan nadichalum enga THALA AJITH mathiri varrathuku chancae illa

    1. Onga ajith enna pannaga enna nadichaganu solitu vijay ya pathi sollu naa yathu Kura ajith enna nadicharu vedhlam oru padam ma daa sister story avlo than oru social movile la nadika sollu onnu Thala ki seta agummo than pakalam OK VA aparam vijaya pathi pesu nee onnu ala motha la etha Mari social msg ila movile. La nadika sollu naa othu Kura daaa onnu Thala periya ALU avanuku dance SA verathu frist tu pooda athu kulla nadipu ku vanta Eva poo daaa dai poodaaa

  48. Kollywood’s flick for Pongal starring Ilayathalapathy Vijay and south latest sensation Keerthy Suresh Bairavaa released worldwide on January 12th as festival special to Tamil audience. Bairavaa is an action film written and directed by Bharathan and produced by Vijaya Productions. Lengthy running time 2 hours 48 minutes will surely test the patience of audience.
    As usual it is Vijay whom the fans come to watch and tats what they get to see. Vijay has come out with an out and out commercial action movie, just to treat his hardcore fan base for this Pongal. It is pakka fan movie with less logic. Few scenes looked over dramatized and could have been toned down especially the cricket fight and chase sequence involving Vijay to expose his body.Keerthy Suresh, as Vijay’s love interest, plays a good natured and gleeful girl next door. It is Daniel Balaji and Jagapathi babu who steal the show with their natural villain performances.
    Director takes his own sweet time before coming to main plot of the movie. Ones the main plot is arrived I felt little satisfactory. Interval bang is ok nothing special. 2nd half travels as any other normal predictable story. A couple of impressive scenes here and there keep me alert. It falls flat towards the end and did not excite me as I expected. Varlaam vaa’ bgm works so well with the visuals but others hardly make an impact. Songs as well are below average and did not overly excite me. According to me Bairava is a decent film and one time watchable. It should definitely impress the Vijay fans. For the general audience you can wait for much good movies if you are not Vijay fan.
    I would rate 2.75 stars out of 5 for this movie.

  49. Mass movie with good story to reach all the medical student how their r thorchering them best movie

  50. director mattum enkailla kidaichaan….,

  51. Mokka film,sigam on the way

  52. thalaiva u always great mass pakka mass

  53. Sema bore filim Mony waste

  54. 100day hit movies of 2017 massssssssssssssssssss

  55. Single avatar of THALAPATHY,
    Semma mass fights…
    Sweat songs…
    Happy THALAIVA…
    Proud to be fan of u…

  56. Marana Mokkai. Sorry Vijay fans, better luck next time. And what is with that wig? Has he become bald?

  57. bad statictics
    movie is super mass
    I will give 4.5 /5

    1. Ivaru periya Madhan bob, rating kudukkuraaru …

    2. Who is the DIRECTOR…….👊👊👊👊👊👊

    1. Sirappu miga sirappu

  58. very good takartu….
    ThÄläbÂth¥ bhairava

  59. Very nice move and different story

  60. Awesome movie.theri pongal

  61. Thalapathi mass and super star vijay mass action

  62. good movie tha movie is top lest

  63. super…………..

  64. black buster movie IN bhairava

    1. Athu black buster illa da … Block Buster … Spelling theriyatha naayi yellam review poduthu …

  65. pls for Tamil sake change the trend man. Total rubbish and bore. like watching the same nonsense again and again using different names.

  66. dei padatha theatr la poi pathathukitu apuram comment podunga da pakigala.padam super yah iruku.

    1. Ada naaye … nee mothalla thaetre la poi padam paaru da

  67. Vijai Annaa I am malayali name Anoop film soopre,story excellent,Direction,Editing….Very excellent. Inne samoohathil nadakunna sathyavasthaye Vijay Anna neengal scrrenil kanichu. Enike valare athikam film 🎥 ishtamai……

    All the best 😊 Vijay Anna….

  68. Super film is bairavaa Best move is ilayathalapathy vijay in bairavaa

    1. Ada kaena kirukkaa

  69. Really Mass….luv u vijay

  70. Vijay annaa super.. rockz ever.. luk pwolich

    1. Unna maari moodevinga irukkuravaraikkum inthamaathiri padam hit adichikittae irukkum

  71. Its very hard to screen this heavy subject with mass hero vijay but bharathan did it well … Need some more twist to keep the audience at end of seat … Excellent bgm . entire film s kept in vijays shoulder .. His body language superr … He improved a lot … Stunt classic

  72. He rocks good looking .

  73. very decent and watchable

  74. very decent watchable

  75. Bhairava may not vjay’s top movie compare to kaththi and thupaki, but it stil better masala movie and also better than vedalam and veeram bcos oni in vjay movie u can get social msg although its masala genre.

  76. 1.5/10. Yethana varusham athae kathaya thirumba thirumba edupeenga da… Poyi bollywood la paarunga da … padam evlo nalla edukkuraanunga … Intha padam nalla irukku nu solra ellarum kaena payalunga …


    To Vijay,

    Kaasukkaga nadikkama unga rasigarkalukkaga padam pannunga …

  77. Bairavaa movie superrrrrrrt

  78. Bhairavaa is not disappoints you and at the same time not so impressed. Worth to watch one time. But Vijay’s acting is good, but the old days smile is missing completely. Also the acting should improve, because if you wanna see is acting you should watch Thalaivaa, except climax one minute. He’s a experienced actor in kollywood, and still he should improve with stories and the way of convey a message. Still he’s acting in masala movies, we need a feel good film.

  79. mokka padam machan ini vj fans ellam rava dha sapdanum

  80. we had less than 25 watched it, ran out in 45 mins. kodumai,end of vjai

  81. Dai if u born for 1 mom and 1 dad… Touch ur heart amd say.. . 2nd half nalla iruntthuchinu… Songs nalla irunthichinu solungada…. Vijay kaga appa, amma va vitudathinga,, manasa thotu solunga

  82. Hi..Vijay movie kuda, Ajith ahaa compare pannathaingada because Ajith oru sambar…..Enga thallapathi thaaa Masssssss.Ennnnna




  84. Movie was awesom and sooper I was sure that will be blockbuster hit number hithit THALAPATHY

  85. hai friends ungalukku padam pidikkalana pls bad comnds podathanga

    ungala negalea avamana paduthurunga ok na ok illa na illa pothum

  86. padam pakka super i like it i love my thalapathy

  87. Very hot and blockfaster movie !!!! Sirappu miga sirappu$$&&&$&&$

  88. awesome movie vijay sir, Thalapathy you r rocking in bhairavaa. semmma therriii , semmmma massss thalaivaa…..Thalapathy thalapathy thaan, see the movie in theatre don’t post the comment without seeing or seen in mobile or thiruttu vCD

  89. Evan Nalla Illa Nu Solrano Awanuku Thaan Mothalla Thnqs sollanum Ean na Athuu Namma Thalapthy Oda Strength Da Neenga Sonnalum Sollalannalum 2017 End waraikum thalaivar Thaan Da #Varlaam #Varlaam #Vaa #Bairavaaaaa Blockbuster Movie Of The Year Yaralayum Break Panradha Nenaika Kooda Mudiyaathu

  90. Just waste of money

  91. I never saw ugly movie than this movie. This birava movie worth 0….this is wast of money.look warning for all fans don’t lose money and time

  92. Look actor VIJAY have no talent this movie show that he and his movie worth 0 zero movie is wast of time money …. Don’t go

  93. I 💟 U VIJAY

  94. Padam superb ma…..

  95. masss vijay one man show in second half

  96. simply very nice & mass

  97. Thalaiva indha Bairavapongal sama collection.patyakelupe Bairava I Love u superstar Vijay Annaa

  98. awesome movie loved vj look a lot

  99. we are glad that bairavaa is a big maga flop movie….. a movie worth of 0000……and actor vijay must remember by taking someone name fame nobody become anything … by money nobody become superstar . only superstarrajani forever
    is original he is allways the world superstar …….is

  100. wand actor vijay must remember by taking someone name fame nobody become anything … by money nobody become superstar . only superstarrajani forever
    is original he is allways the world superstar …….is

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